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Sicilian Anniversary

Sicilian Anniversary

Love, ancestry, and an unexpected surprise.

I’m back with a sound bite from the road – this one from my recent trip to Sicily. I’m excited for you to listen, because I’m trying something new.

This is my first attempt at audio storytelling (think This American Life or narrative podcasts like RadioLab). I’d love to start using this medium as a way to share stories about my travels and other life experiences.

I’ve been listening to a lot of audio stories recently, and taking a few workshops about the craft. I still have a lot to learn, but I decided to just dive in and start somewhere. It’s OK (and kind of fun) to be a beginner.

There are many stories to tell about my two weeks in Sicily, and I hope to share more soon. But I thought I would start with this little adventure from the beginning of the trip, which coincided with my wedding anniversary. 

I had a great time putting this story together - not only creating the narration, but also using some of my randomly collected audio, and excerpts from an on-the-spot interview.

So if you have time this weekend, take a listen. I’d really love to hear what you think.

I would appreciate you leaving a comment on the post itself. Just click on the comment icon below, and it will take you to where you can leave feedback.

Thanks so much – and happy listening!


p.s. You can see additional photos related to this story (and from the rest of our trip) on my Instagram profile.

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