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Traveling Sicilian Roots
Traveling Sicilian Roots
A discussion with Lisa Marie Conine about ancestral travel.

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Taking a break while exploring Palermo.

In this episode I talk with Lisa Marie Conine of

– a sister ancestral traveler that I met through Substack. We have a lot in common, including ancestral roots in Sicily, Italy.

We decided to record a conversation about our shared experiences. We talk about how we are connected to Sicily, our recent trips to the island, and what we learned during our travels. We touch on food, health and wellness, citizenship and more.

We also talk about why it’s important to go to the places your ancestors are from, and how these places are encoded in our very DNA. You’ll also hear how ancestral travel is changing our lives.

I mentioned Lisa Marie’s post about her trip to Sicily during our chat… you can check it out below.

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I also mention my Globetrotter Lounge episodes that are related to ancestral and genealogy travel. To quickly find them, visit and scroll part way down the home page.

So grateful for this conversation. I hope you enjoy it.

Mediterranean diet anyone? One of my lunches in Palermo.

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