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Traveling My Roots Podcast
Still here (and right now here is Mexico)
Still here (and right now here is Mexico)
Black history gems, what's inspiring me, updates and more.

Hola from Zihuatanejo! It’s been a minute, so I thought it was time to drop a sound bite from the road.

Listen in (button above) to find out where I’ve been, some recommendations for Black history month, what’s inspiring me, and what’s brewing on the horizon.

I’ve included all mentioned links below.

Living my best Zihuatanejo life. (Photo by Will Austin)

Black History

Ep 63 | Joy Barnett: Solo Black History Road Trips - Jet Set Lisette

The American Blackstory - by Joy Barnett

Ep 64 | Kelly McCoy: Cultural Heritage & Adventure Travel - Jet Set Lisette

Ep 65 | Antoinette Harrell: Genealogy Research Travel - Jet Set Lisette

International African American Museum

Afro Latino Talks with Kim Haas: Patricia Ann Talley Interview (plus my interview with Kim Haas).

Watch Zora Neale Hurston: Claiming a Space | American Experience | Official Site | PBS

What’s Inspiring Me

Read, Write & Create - a sanctuary for BIPOC writers created by Lori Tharps. (Here’s my interview with Lori on the Globetrotter Lounge podcast.)

I highly recommend the book From Scratch – the author reads it on Audible. Afterwards you can watch the Netflix version of the story.

Tembi Locke - author, producer, actress, and more. (Loved her interview on Lori’s podcast).

Your Elusive Creative Genius - a TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Museo Frida Kahlo - all things Frida.

Coming Up

The Challenge of Black Genealogy: When Black History Gets Personal - a talk I will be giving in April 2023 as part of University of Idaho’s Black Lives Matter Speaker Series.

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Is there anything specific you’d like to learn from me or have me discuss? Some examples: genealogy, using ancestry to find people, planning DNA travel, health and travel, etc. I may add some new parts to this newsletter, and I’m open to ideas and requests. Let me know in the comments. 🙏🏾

Traveling My Roots

Traveling My Roots Podcast

An informal podcast where I share audio stories, interviews and reflections on traveling to the places my biological ancestors are from.

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