Feb 28 • 17M

Kauai & upcoming travel

Plus ways to support Ukraine

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Just squeaking in my February newsletter on the last day of the month! Topics include:

  • Personal updates & thoughts

  • Traveling My Roots project updates

  • Recent and upcoming Globetrotter Lounge episodes

  • My upcoming DNA travel workshop

  • What I’m currently reading

Links to resources mentioned are below. And if you’ve found your way here but are not yet subscribed, here, let me help you with that:

Globetrotter Lounge Episodes

Ep 64 | Kelly McCoy: Cultural Heritage & Adventure Travel

Ep 65 | Antoinette Harrell: Genealogy Research Travel

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Links & Resources Mentioned

Ways to help the Ukrainian people during this terrible war

My updated Traveling My Roots website

Get Wanderfest Tickets (March 12-13, 2022 in New Orleans)

March 8 Workshop: Travel Your Roots: Preparing for Heritage/DNA Travel

Join Wanderful, the leading travel collective for women (enter JETSETLISETTE for $50 off annual membership).

Wanderess: The Unearth Women’s Guide to Traveling Smart, Safe and Solo by Nikki Vargas and Elise Fitzsimmons

Parson Inn in Charleston, South Carolina

All the Socials

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Soaking up some of Kauai’s incredible beauty this month.